"London is home to outstanding green spaces that I want
 to protect, invest in and improve as we aim to
 become the world’s first National Park City"  
 Mayor Sadiq Khan, August 2017

The UK NATIONAL HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL Planning Application was made on January 14th 2019
- see the Application  here
Westminster Council now seeks public comments from the public BEFORE February 11th 2019. 
Please can you get AS MANY OBJECTIONS AS YOU CAN onto their website. Numbers count.
If you or your family members like, you can each write – comments can be short.
The application will be accepted or rejected ONLY on Planning issues. See our guidance below for what Planning issues are.
This is the  link to where you need to leave your comment. If you need guidance on how to object, please click here for instructions.

Issues to raise: we suggest you raise at least 2 out of the following list:-
  • Planning policies - this development goes against many recent national and local Planning Policies – particularly those prohibiting the loss of green space. 
  • Green space - The development will cause the loss of a significant amount of green space. It will change from a park to a civic space.
  • Children - The development will disrupt and reduce the useable size of the children's playground. The queue for the Memorial is next to the playground and the café inside the playground. 
  • Intrusion - the Memorial will dominate the park and change its intrinsic character (key words for you to use).
  • Saturation - the number of park users is forecast to be at least 3-4 times the present amount at average times and 5 or more times at peak times.
  • Footpath crowding – there will be excessive crowding around the entrance next to Victoria Tower.
  • The Memorial will almost certainly cause damage, if not death, to most of the 44 large plane trees near it.
  • Security - the security measures for the Memorial will be very intrusive for park users and can only get worse in future.
  • Secure area – a sizeable slice from the middle of the park will be a no-go area for which ticketed entry is necessary.
  • Traffic - the project will increase the amount of coach and tourist traffic in Abingdon Street very significantly.
  • Pollution - the increased traffic will add to the pollution especially in the children's playground as the coaches will drop off and pick up outside there.
  • Bicycle lane – coach parking for the development will obstruct the Abingdon Street bus and cycle lane for nearly 4 hours a day.
  • Design and Appearance - this is a tricky area because comments need to be 'objective': but the Memorial will obviously divide the park in two and its design is incompatible with the park and surrounding buildings including Parliament.

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City parks are important, they must be preserved for everyone

The Government is intending to build a Holocaust Memorial in Victoria Tower Gardens.
We are concerned that this plan will change forever the use of a much loved and well-used local park into a sombre, security patrolled civic space.
There is no doubt that there is a need for Holocaust education, but the excellent Imperial War Museum Holocaust Galleries are less than a mile away with their amazing collection and outreach programme.

Victoria Tower Gardens is a park, it's not an appropriate site for a Holocaust education centre. It's the only park beside the Thames in central London. It is much used and loved by office workers, local residents and tourists. 

According to the 2017 London draft Environment Strategy – London parkland should be increasing, not decreasing. Every green space is a vital lung in our polluted city. The latest Enviromental Audit Comittee 's report states that "local councils should plant trees and keep green spaces to provide cool air".  Westminster City Council has committed to robustly protect and preserve existing green space. The present tranquil and restful atmosphere of Victoria Tower Gardens must be preserved for future generations. 

We believe that there are several other sites that would be more suitable for this project​. There has been a precedent recently in Amsterdam for relocating a proposed Holocaust Memorial.
"Parks quite simply make us happier"​
HRH The Duke of Cambridge. 

"The impact upon the adjacent mature trees needs to be taken into account. The roots of these trees, upon which their life depends, stretch across the open ground of Victoria Tower Gardens well beyond their canopy visible above ground... It is essential to accept that after a few years the trees beside the underground hall and sunk entrance courtyard are likely to be dead."
Hal Moggridge, OBE RIBA Landscape Architect.

In this film Landscape Architect Tom Turner shares his views on why Victoria Towers Gardens should be preserved and why it is the wrong place for a memorial.
"However good the design, Victoria Tower Gardens is the wrong place for London’s Second Holocaust Memorial".